Advocate for Social Justice Award, Will Tucker 2017

20 November 2017, 11:28a

We are proud to announce Will Tucker, Linn County Commissioner, as the 2017 Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice awardee.  This is the highest honor that CARDV reserves for a member of the community who goes above and beyond in their field to serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Will has a long history of supporting survivors and responding to their unique needs.  Every day he saw advocates meeting with survivors in the courthouse for protective orders and quickly realized we needed a private place to meet.  He began searching for a permanent space for us and in the meantime arranged with the commissioners to share their own offices with us at the courthouse.

He is a true ally, actively working to raise awareness by inviting CARDV to attend and speak at public commissioner meetings, hosting awareness displays at the courthouse, and even spoke at our candlelight vigil on the courthouse steps.  He is a visionary, planting seeds so when

Will Tucker, Linn County Comissioner receiving the 2017 Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice Award from Letetia Wilson, CARDV Executive Director.

CARDV is ready to grow the community is ready to grow with us.  Most recently when Will heard our desire to open an office in Lebanon, he immediately started reaching out to the contacts he knew to set up meetings and tours that ultimately led to the opening of our office in the Lebanon Community Hospital.  For these and so many more reasons we are so happy to present Will Tucker with the Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice Award.

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