Vehicle Donations

Do you have a vehicle, boat or airplane you want to donate?

Through a partnership with Volunteers of American Oregon, we can accept donations of running or non-running vehicles.  The proceeds from the sales will be directed to CARDV.

Ready to donate?

The first step is to complete a Vehicle Donation Form: 

Submit a Vehicle Donation Form Online: 

  1. Go to

  2. In the blue "Ready to Donate?" box, select "Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence" from the drop down menu.

  3. Complete the "About You" and "About Your Vehicle" sections

  4. Click the "Donate" button.

Download the Vehicle Donation Form to Email or Fax:

  1. Click here to download the form.

  2. Provide your contact information and information about the vehicle you would like to donate.

  3. Send the completed form to or fax to (503) 239-8182.

What happens next?

  • You will be contacted by a representative of Volunteers of America Oregon.

  • They will make arrangements to pick up your vehicle.

  • Once your vehicle is sold, Volunteers of America Oregon will issue a check to CARDV along with your contact information.

  • CARDV will send you confirmation that we received your donation and a donation receipt.

Vehicle Acceptance Criteria (from Volunteers of America)

Our goal is to accept as many vehicles as possible; however these are guidelines only. Volunteers of America, Oregon Inc. reserves the right to turn down a vehicle donation if we deem it necessary. 


We attend vehicle auctions weekly to observe current market conditions and to ensure your organization receives the highest possible donation for the donated vehicle. Some of our basic requirements for vehicle donation are:

  • The vehicle must have all its components (running or not) with all 4 wheels and inflated tires present and able to turn.


  • We will not accept vehicles that have been in a fire, flood, or major collision.


  • Vehicles on a “Possessory Lien" will not be accepted. The donor must have a clear title to the vehicle even if the title is not in their name.If the title has been lost or destroyed we can still accept donations; however, vehicle pick up will be delayed until “clear title” status can be determined and all documents have been signed and returned to us. We can guide donors through this process.


  • We accept “out of state titles”. If the donor has lost or destroyed their out of state title we accept donation until the donor obtains a new title. Washington State being the exception.

Our tow area is along the I-5 corridor from Cottage Grove to Longview and 50 miles on either side.  Exceptions can be made to tow from beyond our tow area; please call our office for details.

For questions contact:

Volunteers of America, Oregon

(503) 239-7944

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