Stalking and Sex Trafficking Awareness Month

Stalking and Sex Trafficking affect members of our community everyday.


Stalking most often occurs in an intimate or former intimate relationship with 61% of female victims and 44% of male victims being stalked by a current or former partner(1).  (Click here for more information about stalking.)

Sex trafficking often intersects with domestic violence.  Nearly 70% of adult females being trafficked have experienced domestic violence prior to be trafficked.  Children exposed to domestic violence in the home may run away to avoid abuse.  Runaway and homeless youth

have a high risk of being trafficked.  Additionally, "sex traffickers may utilize language that mimics familial relationships, such as insisting that a victim refers to him as ‘Daddy’ or other individuals he is exploiting as the victim's ‘family.’ Use of this language is meant to reinforce loyalty and strengthen the psychological ties between a trafficker and victim." (2) All of these factors create tremendous barriers for a survivor trying to escape their trafficking situation. (Click here for more information about sex trafficking.)

January is Stalking and Sex Trafficking Awareness Month.  Help us raise awareness about these important issues in our community.  There are many FREE ways for you to be involved—you can do one or all of them!

  • Wear a SILVER/NAVY awareness ribbon— Wear and distribute awareness ribbons (silver for stalking; navy for human trafficking).  Get awareness ribbons from CARDV, or make your own. Place at your cash register or other prominent location, ribbons are attached to an informative bookmark that includes CARDV’s 24/7 crisis & support line.

  • Inform your social network— Follow CARDV on Facebook and share information with those in your social network (on or off-line).

  • Put up posters — Print awareness posters from CARDV’s website and ask your favorite coffee shop, grocery store, bookstore, etc. to put it up in their window.  Let’s create a community that supports survivors. Click here to view posters.

How to Join:

CARDV will provide the promotional materials.

You provide the location and act as a spokesperson in your network(s). 


If you need posters, bookmarks, or would like to help promote Stalking and Sex Trafficking Awareness Month in another way, please contact us at

(541) 758-0219 302 or by email.

WARNING! Your internet activity can be tracked. If the person who is harming you has access to your computer and/or router use a trusted friend's or a computer at the library. If you need immediate assistance, call 911.
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