Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual Assault Victim Emergency (SAVE) Fund

The SAVE Fund ensures that victims of sexual assault have access to medical services regardless of their ability to pay. During the first 84 hours after the assault, the victim can request a 'complete' sexual assault medical exam from a qualified medical provider and be eligible for SAVE Fund assistance. This exam includes evidence collection, also known as a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE). This exam can include medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and emergency contraception, which are both fully covered by the SAVE Fund.

The victim can also request a partial sexual assault medical exam up to 7 days after the assault. If requested, medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy will be provided. It is possible to collect partial evidence during this period, but the decision not to report will never exclude the survivor from access to the SAVE Fund. A simple, confidential, one page form will be completed by the medial facility and submitted to the SAVE Fund for payment.


Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or SANE, is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training in the collection of forensic evidence from sexual assault patients. SANEs help preserve the dignity of victims and have greatly increased the percentage of successfully prosecuted cases because of adequate evidence collection.


Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous, or 'Jane Doe,' reporting is a valuable option for victims who are unsure if reporting is right for them at the time of the assault. A victim can have evidence collected with an anonymous SAFE kit during the time frame in which physical evidence is still obtainable. A case number is attached to the kit, and stored for up to six months. If the survivor decides to report at a later date, law enforcement can be contacted, and the SAFE kit will be located. The SAVE Fund will cover the cost of the exam for an anonymous report.


Emergency Contraception

Also known as PLAN B, or the 'morning after' pill, emergency contraception (EC) contains hormones that can prevent pregnancy but will not terminate an established pregnancy. Progestin-only EC reduces the chance of pregnancy by 89% if started within 72 hours of unprotected sex.


As of January 1, 2008 the ABC (Access to Birth Control) Law went into effect, requiring all insurance plans which cover prescription drugs to cover all forms of birth control. EC is available over the counter to women 18 and older, and by prescription to those 17 and younger. By law, every sexual assault survivor who seeks treatment will be educated about EC, and it will be offered as a treatment option.


Crime Victims' Compensation Programs

Victims of sexual assault are eligible for Crime Victims Compensation in the State of Oregon. This law, enacted in 1977, helps ease the financial burden on victims of crime. In order to receive compensation, the victim must report the crime within 72 hours, and apply within six months of the crime. The victim must then fully cooperate with law enforcement during the prosecution. However, if good cause for not reporting the crime, such as the safety of the victim, can be established, these time limits may be waived. Compensation may include coverage or reimbursement for medical or counseling expenses which resulted from the crime, reimbursement for documented loss of wages, and/or funeral expenses.


Note: Crime Victims Compensation Paperwork can be obtained from the Victim's Assistance website.


Paperwork is also available at the Benton County Courthouse and at the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence. Call the CARDV hotline at 541-754-0110 or Victims Assistance at 541-166-6698 if you would like assistance with filling out the paperwork.


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

The Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) work hard to ensure that sexual assault survivors receive the respect, support and access to services they deserve. SART's victim-centered approach gives survivors back a measure of the control that was taken away during the assault, allowing them to make better-informed choices about reporting. Each SART team member plays a key role in providing services to sexual assault survivors.

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