Religious Outreach

CARDV works with people of all faiths. Though CARDV is not a faith-based organization, we have materials available that look at the issues of domestic and sexual violence through a religious perspective.


We are happy to meet with religious leaders to provide information about the issues of domestic and sexual violence, or to sit down with congregants to educate or provide support.


FaithTrust Institute is a national, multi-faith, multicultural training and education organization working to end sexual and domestic violence.

WARNING! Your internet activity can be tracked. If the person who is harming you has access to your computer and/or router use a trusted friend's or a computer at the library. If you need immediate assistance, call 911.
Crisis & Support Line: 541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197
Main Office: 541-758-0219
Employer ID Number (EIN): 93-0792125
This agency is an equal opportunity provider.