Holiday Cheer for CARDV Families

16 December 2017, 11:46a

We truly have a generous community that demonstrated their support for CARDV families this holiday season by donating gifts and meals!  A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and Rotary of Greater Corvallis for their extra help with the holiday store.   Thanks to Timberhill Dental and Dream Dinners, CARDV families enjoyed special holiday meals to warm their dinner tables.

Thank you Rotary of Greater Corvallis for your help with the holiday store.

“This is amazing! My kids were not expecting a Christmas this year, but now I can give them happy memories.  Thank you!”— CARDV Client.


A wonderful addition this year included a partnership with Central Willamette Community Credit Union.  Thank you to all branches that hosted a CARDV giving tree.  Community members were able to choose heartfelt items.  Because of you, 102 adult and child survivors enjoyed a brighter holiday season, THANK YOU!

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