“I have moved into my own place, Emily loves going to school and I’m getting into the swing of things at my new job.

Most importantly,

we are safe.”

Your kindness provides survivors of

sexual and domestic violence access to

life-saving services and safety.


Recently community members shared why they give to CARDV.

A few reasons were:

· “I care about survivors”

· “Because we’re all in this together”

· “To give back to those who were there for me”

With the community’s continued support, survivors are able to access CARDV services. Below is a note from *Nicole who stayed in CARDV’s emergency and confidential shelter.

“My daughter Emily and I are happy and safe now, but wow, I didn’t know how bad it had gotten. My husband was arrested and I was taken to the hospital – it was the scariest night of my life and I’m thankful an advocate was there for me. That night I had to leave Emily with my neighbor, and my injuries left me unable to carry her.  I didn’t know what to do next, but I knew once he was released from jail things were only going to get worse at home.  After talking with the advocate, we made a plan to get my daughter and move into the shelter. 


That time I spent in shelter helped me get my life put back together. I am so happy to be writing to you, and know I wouldn’t be here today      without the kindness of others. Thank you to everybody who makes these options available for people like me.” - Nicole

Some of the reasons why I make financial gifts to support survivors is to help provide life-saving services for those who need it, and to help create change in our community.
Will you join me this holiday season in making a donation to support survivors and their children live their lives free from violence?

Happy New Year,

Letetia Wilson 

Executive Director

P.S. Don’t forget, mandatory IRA distributions for people age 70½ and over can be donated to CARDV tax-free.

Become a monthly donor today and support survivors all year long!

*CARDV protects the identity and confidentiality of all program participants. Names have been changed.  This photo is a reenactment.

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