Count Her In

14 October 2016, 2:32p

Oregon’s 2 million women and girls make extraordinary contributions to the well-being of our state. The Women’s Foundation of Oregon’s 2016 report, Count Her In, which found that in Oregon:

  • Women vote at higher rates than men.

  • Women hold elected office at some of the highest rates in America.

  • Women and girls commit fewer than 5% of the violent crimes.

Issues that Can’t Wait:

  • Over half of the state’s female population have experienced sexual or domestic violence - one of the highest rates in the country.

  • Women and girls of color experience increased barriers, including poverty rates that are nearly twice as high as white women and girls.

  • Women earn between 53-83 cents (depending on race or ethnicity) for every dollar white men earn. Oregon’s gender wealth gap is among the largest in the nation.

In many communities these problems aren’t being discussed. Everyone can help by starting a conversation:

  • Ask school leaders how to get more girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes, and for the girls’ sports teams to have the same quality equipment as the boys’ teams.

  • Ask employers for pay transparency, paid family leave, and more women in leadership positions.

  • Support organizations serving women and girls in your community.

  • Share the information from this report. It’s hard to solve problems that no one is talking about.

More information at or click here to read the full report.

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