Agency Update - Winter 2019

February 2019

In honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness month this February, I would like to highlight CARDV’s Community Education program. We are happy to share that CARDV’s Community Education program is growing and we are connecting with more teens now than ever. The Community Education program is facilitated by CARDV Advocates who present to local area middle and high schools. Presentation topics include healthy relationships, consent,and how to help a 

friend or family member who is experiencing violence or has experienced violence in the past. We are so appreciative of local area teachers and school administrations who have invited CARDV into classrooms.  We could not make these connections without them. In an effort to better meet teens’ needs for advocacy, we have partnered with the National Network to End Violence to add a chat line for survivors to connect with an Advocate.  While anyone can use this service, teens may be more likely to access CARDV services through a chat line if they are more comfortable typing than talking.  Once our chat lines are in place, survivors and their allies will have a safe place online to access information, safe adults to chat with about their relationships and experiences, and a better link to all of CARDV’s Advocacy services.  We are excited to offer this pilot program. 

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