Agency Update - Spring 2018

19 April 2018, 1:45p

Thank you to everyone who has helped CARDV’s Community Education program become reestablished over the last few years.  Our interactive presentations are a way for students to learn about healthy relationships and CARDV’s services.  This year we are presenting at even more middle and high schools throughout Linn and Benton counties.

The increase in presentations will continue to grow as we try to reach each teen in the community.  Connecting with youth in presentations has already showed an increase in referrals for services to not only teens, but also parents who are learning of healthy relationships and CARDV services from youth. 


I am inspired by the knowledge and enthusiasm of young people today and encouraged that we are creating change for generations to come. 


Click here to request a presentation at your school or for another group. 


Comments can be sent to Letetia Wilson.

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